Topic: TN: Losing my TBA virginity
Author: Howie Hart
Date: 20041129205657

1994 Kapellenhof Rulander Sorgenlocher Moosberg Trockenbeerenauslese 750 ml 8.0% Alc.

When my sister visited Germany a few years ago, I asked her to bring me a bottle of TBA. I was expecting a half bottle, but she brought me a full bottle. Not wanting to waste such a gem on on a small gathering, I decided to open it after a Thanksgiving dinner for 10, which my sister hosted at her house in Maine.

I've had Ice Wine, Sauternes and Beerenauslese, but nothing could have prepared me for this. When it was first poured into the glass, my first impression was that it was oxidized, as I was expecting it to be much lighter in color, but upon close examination, it had more of an orange tint, about the intensity of a rose and no sherry-like aroma. I don't do good with aromatic descriptors, but there was definately intense fruit (peaches come to mind). When it hit my mouth, I was expecting sweetness, but was not expecting the acidity. Wow! Enough acidity to stand up to all that sweetness and an incredibly long finish. I could picture the botrycised Reisling grapes hanging delicately on the vine. As a home winemaker (who spent more than one winter morning picking Vidal in the snow), all I can say is "Whoever invented this stuff is a genius, right up there with Dom Perignon". One of my most memorable wine moments ever and "Thank You" to my sister.