TN: Two 1995 Ontario reds
Posted by Alan McLeod on October 26, 1997 at 14:46:34
As a last gasp in this part of Ontario, Canada which produces quality wines before the move to PEI, we had a Saturday night dinner featuring two of the red 1995's which have been so highly reviewed around these parts. We had apple, garlic and thyme stuffed roast chickens with roast sweet potatoes, squash and shallots. A good autumn feed.

The wines (without notes - sorry):

1995 Henry of Pelham Cab-Merlot. A blend of C. Suav., C. Franc and Merlot. Opened the magnum at 6:00 p.m for dinner at 8:00 p.m. Sip at opening made me think it was off - very twiggy and sharp with a underlying black current tang. As the hours passed it opened to be fruitier and fruitier with the twigginess developing into a more herbal compliment. Easily could have sat for a few years in the cellar but quite enjoyable once it got a breather for a few hours. Bought in July at the winery for $44.00 CAN. Worth it. Bold purple colour.

1995 Marynissen Merlot. 750 ml. Another Niagara red. Opened at 8:00 p.m. Tasted like an ingrediant of the Pelham at first but also opened with time. Medium bodied almost identical to the Pelham. Not as fruity but more complex than most merlots I have had - an intersting comparison. Also could have sat for a few years. No sure of price as bought at winery by guest. Also very similar in colour hue and intensity.

Finished with a half bottle of 1993 Chateau Septy, Monbazillac. Light amber coloured, lighter than other stickies I have had such as Niagara Late Harvest Vidals or Tokay. Cream custard, slightly smoked honey. Enough acid to cut the rich roast dinner. Lush aroma of honey with a hint of orange. Very nice at 9.95 CAN.

My last note until the big move. Will be in touch when there.

Alan McLeod, Pembroke, Ontario.