WineLoversPage Current Wine Notes

On this page you'll find an index to specific tasting notes on all the wines I've enjoyed the past year or two. All my wine-tasting reports are consumer-oriented. I purchase the wines I taste at my own expense at retail stores, and I have no business connections at any level in the wine industry.

WineLoversPage Search Engine

Our speedy and accurate Search Engine will track down notes on several thousand specific wines in my personal tasting notes and the 50,000-plus wines in the Wine Lovers' Discussion Group archives.

Year's Best QPR: Wines of Value

My personal list of the top wine values of the year.

Wine Questionary

Much like a traditional encyclopedia but hyperlinked and interactive, The Wine Questionary makes it easy for you to browse through the most frequently asked wine questions (not to mention some more uncommon but intriguing topics) and find just the information you seek.

Wine Lovers' Lexicon

This feature combines our wine-tasting dictionary and wine-pronouncing glossary. Featuring more than 500 wine-related words and phrases, the Wine Lovers' Lexicon offers you quick, readable definitions of the words you'll need to select, evaluate and buy wine in the tasting room, restaurant or wine shop, complete with pronunciations and MP3 sound files so you can hear all the non-English words and phrases.