How to use the Search Engine

Our speedy Search Engine will quickly find articles, tutorials, wine-tasting notes and other information on Wine Lovers' Page. The procedure is simple. In the yellow block above, simply enter the word, words or phrase of your choice, then click "Search!" The search engine will quickly return a list of hotlinks to all articles in which your search term appears. Click on any link to go to that page; then, if necessary, use your browser's "FIND" feature (usually Control-F) to find the exact place in the article where your term appears.

To search for an exact phrase, you must enclose it in quotes. For example, "1982 Chateau Margaux" (within quotes) will find only files containing that precise group of words in that order; but 1982 Chateau Margaux (without quotes) will find any file containing those three words.

You can use and, or and not to refine your search, as shown in these examples:

Search Terms
Cabernet or Pinot
Files containing either the words "Cabernet" or "Pinot"
Cabernet and Pinot not Sauvignon
Finds files that contain both the words "Cabernet" and "Pinot" but do not contain the word "Sauvignon"
Cabernet not (Pinot and Sauvignon)
Finds files that contain the word "Cabernet" but not the words "Pinot" or "Sauvignon"

To limit your search to Wine Lovers' Discussion Group Tasting Notes, include the string TN as one of your search terms. For Food Lovers' Discussion Group Recipes, use the string RC, and for Travel/Restaurant Forum reviews, it's RV.

The "wildcard" character (*) can only be used at the end of a word. For example, searching on "Ter*" will retrieve "Teroldego," "Terret," "terrain," "terroir," etc.

Several of our most popular wine-information features are on separate databases. Check them directly for additional information:
You will notice that your results are ordered with a point score ranging from 1 to 1000. The search engine uses a number of criteria in gauging each document's relevance to your search terms, giving higher relevance to information in header and title tags, to files in which the terms appear more frequently, and to files in which they appear closer to the top of the contents.

The Wine Lovers' Page search engine is driven by SWISH-E (Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced), a public-domain program developed by Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE. For more information about SWISH-E and technical details on searching, see

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