Daniel Rogov

I am delighted and proud to announce that internationally known wine and food writer Daniel Rogov has joined us as a regular contributor, and we have welcomed his popular online forums into our WineLovers Discussion Groups.

Let's have this knowledgeable and witty wordsmith introduce himself. Here's Rogov:

Let us start off by saying that even though I taste more than 1,000 wines monthly and dine in restaurants anywhere from 6 - 10 times weekly, I am neither wealthy nor fat. Nor do I have a red, bulbous nose.

The truth of the matter is that I enjoy wine and food so much that I consider it foolish to abuse either of t hem. Let us continue by admitting that for more years than I care to admit in public, my joint passions for wine and gastronomy (can they be separated?) have provided me with a very comfortable and pleasant way of making a living.

Currently, for example, I am the wine and restaurant critic for the Israeli daily newspaper HaAretz and for the Israeli version of the International Herald Tribune. I contribute regularly on the subjects of food and wine to several European newspapers and magazines and am the author of the annual "Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines" which is now in its third edition. I also contribute annually to Tom Stevenson's World Wine Report and am a consultant to Hugh Johnson's Pocket Encyclopedia of Wine. In 2007, my book "Rogues, Writers and Whores" was released, that a compendium, part mythology and part fact about well-known personalities whose lives centered largely about food and wine. I am now also working on what will be the first editions of the annual guides "Rogov's Guide: The Best Kosher Wines of the World" and "Rogov's Guide to Mediterranean Wines."

As a young colleague put it not that long ago, I always travel first class, have no choice but to taste the world's best wines, dine in the world's best restaurants and stay at the world's best hotels. To add insult to injury, I am even paid for my efforts.

Oh yes ... I have other passions as well. Those, however, are best not discussed in public.

Now online:

To contact Daniel Rogov directly, write him at drogov@cheerful.com