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As a longtime wine journalist with a reputation for independence, I've chosen to link with because I believe it enjoys a well-earned reputation for honesty and good service that I can support. Under terms of my agreement with, I will objectively review selected books about wine and wine appreciation, dispensing both praise and criticism as I see fit. Hotlinks from each review will go directly to for handling.

Most wine-related books and magazines are sold at a 20 to 30 percent discount from the publisher's price, and all are sold with the money-back guarantee; you also have my personal guarantee that I'll go to bat for you in the very unlikely event of any dispute. Payment may be handled by credit card (click here for details about online shopping security) or by telephone. Books are all shipped Priority Mail.

You'll find a large and changing list of great wine books for beginners and experts, as well as the major wine magazines, on the Wine Bookshelf,

Words About Wine
Quality articles and essays about wine submitted by fellow wine lovers. For links to hundreds of articles, start with our Front Page or seek topics of interest in our Search Engine. Here are links to a few older articles that remain online from the earlier days of

Wine Tasting Notes

Current Wine Notes
On this page you'll find a complete index to my tasting notes on the wines I've enjoyed during the past couple of years. All my wine-tasting reports are consumer-oriented. I purchase the wines I taste at my own expense at retail stores, and I have no business connections at any level in the wine industry.

Wine Value Archive
Notes on wines tasted before those listed on the current notes pages, broken out into separate pages by country of origin.

Wine Tasting Database
For detailed notes and food-matching advice on hundreds of wines of value, simply select my Tasting Notes Index, or search for a specific wine or wine-related topic with our Search Engine.

Other Notes and Tasting Reports
Occasional older notes on wines that don't fit my standard tasting parameters, including wine tours, trade tastings and special events:
  • Finger Lakes Wine Diary (October 1997)
  • Two New York Tastings (September 1997)
  • Mo'Cool '97 in Ann Arbor (August 1997)
  • A Tasting in Chicago (August 1997)
  • Offline Dinner in NYC (June 1997)
  • Two California tasting dinners (June 1997)
  • Dinner in Philadelphia (May 1997)
  • Laurel Glen Vertical Tasting (May 1997)
  • A New York wine dinner (September 1996)
  • A massive Bordeaux Tasting (August 1996)
  • Rieslings at the NYC Taster's Guild (June 1996)
  • California Wine Diary (May 1996)