Your privacy and security is important to us

Your name, E-mail and other information about you

As sole operator of the Wine Lovers' Page, I will NEVER share our subscription lists, or any other address information I receive by E-mail, with anyone. I will not use the list for commercial "spam," will not send the bulletin to anyone who doesn't ask for it, and promise to respond immediately to all administrative requests. Simply contact us by E-mail, using the CONTACT US link above.

"Cookies" and other issues

Other privacy issues: We use "cookies" only in the most limited way on The Wine Lovers' Page, specifically the Wine Lovers' Discussion Group as a means to store regular participants' names and E-mail addresses for their convenience in posting messages to the group, and then only as an option that participants must activate by request. We do not do any kind of behind-the-scenes tracking or seek to glean any information about individual users without their consent; we may from time to time post a form inviting visitors to respond to questions, but this will always be open and above-board.

I run this Web site as if it were my home and my visitors were my guests, and treat them with the hospitality and honesty that my mother taught me.

Credit Card security

In all our E-commerce ventures, we guarantee customer satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any complaint or concern. If you order a product and it is not delivered within a reasonable time, or if you have any other question, simply contact us by E-mail, using the CONTACT US link above.

All credit card information is handled securely, following the security recommendations provided by CardService International, our merchant bank, and by the credit cards we accept - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover - to ensure that your credit card information is protected against disclosure, loss and fraud.

Our shopping cart system is CartManager, a respected provider that uses a secured server using standard Internet SSL protocol to encrypt information. All transactions conducted through CartManager are secured and authenticated. No credit card data or other personal information is transmitted insecurely at any time. This system is actually safer than giving a credit-card number over the telephone, giving it to a food server, or even using it at the gas station.

Copyright and the ownership of your work

Under international treaty (the Berne Convention) you retain copyright to your own tasting notes and everything else you publish on Wine Lovers' Page and our Wine Lovers' Discussion Groups. We assert no claim on your intellectual property other than (1) obviously, the right to publish it online under your name, and (2) a "compilation copyright" to the body of material on Wine Lovers' Page, meaning, simply, that no one has the right to copy it wholesale without permission.

No one has the right to republish, copy or redistribute your work without your explicit permission. If you feel this right has been violated (your tasting note, for example, turns up in a commercial publication or wine shop's "shelf talker"), you have the right to object. On request, I will also do whatever is necessary to help resolve the situation, including (1) contacting the offender on your behalf, (2) arranging for our lawyers to do so, and/or (3) subjecting the offender to negative publicity.

In short, our policy is simple: I respect your copyright, and I will go out of my way to help you defend it.