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Wine of the Week Please welcome Sue Courtney as our regular Wine Lovers' Page correspondent from New Zealand. Sue is editor of Wine of the Week,, the No. 1 source for independent information about New Zealand's wines and wineries. For more information about Sue, see her introduction below.

The following articles are now online for your enjoyment:

Meet Sue Courtney
Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, I became hooked on wine during a nine-week skiing and geology trip to the South Island in 1988 with my husband, Neil.

New Zealand wine had been a horrible memory, so when we accidentally discovered Cloudy Bay and tasted our first New Zealand sauvignon blanc at 10 o'clock in the morning, I was amazed. I'd never experienced such clean, fresh, vibrant flavours before.

That was the start of a passion that has become all-consuming and during the 1990's we travelled extensively around the wine regions of New Zealand, most parts of Australia (five visits to South Australia alone) and even Cyprus.

Now I teach Wine Appreciation for the adult Community Education "night school" program, write a weekly wine column for the Rodney Times, a community newspaper distributed in the north of the Auckland region, and have my own web site, Wine of the Week, I've also been an Associate Wine Judge at the Liquorland Top 100 since 1998 and judged at the Royal Easter Wine Show in 1999.

I am a frequent participant to the Wine Lovers Discussion Group and sometimes its Food Lovers Discussion Group, two of the best places on the Web to talk about my favourite topics, wine and food.

-- Sue Courtney

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