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New York Times Many thanks to The New York Times for its additional kind words about The Wine Lovers' Page, declaring Jan. 21 that our site "outdoes all others" for our sheer quantity of friendly, well-written information about wine.

"One of the best sites going if you're looking for a wine recommendation or information about a specific wine. Robin Garr, a Louisville-based wine writer, offers tasting notes and guides to good wines and bargains, all written to be accessible to those who aren't used to wine-speak. He's a rarity among wine professionals..."

Alan S. Kay, The Washington Post

"Folksy and friendly ... a huge volume of resources"

The New York Times

"There's even a ... pronunciation guide so you can sound like you know what you're talking about when you order."

The Houston Chronicle

"A straightforward, unpretentious read on the almighty vine -- with reviews, forums and other delightful features.


The (London) Daily Telegraph


The Sunday Times of London

"A gem"

TIME Digital

"One of the motherships in the online enology scene."

Yahoo! Internet Life

"Robin Garr ... gives one of the best tutorials in the business -- it's one of my favorite sites."

Jan Norris, The Detroit News

Named "Web Site of the Day" by CNN Headline News

The Wine Lovers' Page has been named one of the Top 10% Cooking Sites on the Net by Mega Bites, and selected as a Gold Medallion winner in Internet World Expo. We've also been chosen as a Starting Point Choice Site, honored for "exceptional presentation, depth of content, and value; named "the place to begin seeking wine resources on the web" by Excite's Life & Style tours; received NetGuide's Platinum Award; rated a 4-Star Site by RDL National Cool Site Award; and declared "the best the Net has to offer" by the Swiss "CastleNet's BookMarked On The Web."