Snapshot of WineLoversPage visitors

(from Wine Lovers' Voting Booth data:)

Sex & Age

Male, 26-55: 66%

Male, other ages: 18%

Female (all ages): 16%

Daily web use

Uses the web to read about wine daily: 55%

Country of origin

U.S. visitors: 75%

Significant clusters of Wine Lovers' Page participants from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Our median reader spends 1-2 hours/day surfing the 'net for wine-related topics

Frequent wine consumers

Taste 3-7 bottles/week: 83%

Wine collectors

100-500-bottle cellar: 40%

500-1,000-bottle cellar: 20%

0ver 1000-bottle cellar: 16%

Average monthly wine expenditure

$100-$400: 50%

$401-$1,000: 26%

Over $1,000: 9%

Average expenditure for "everyday wine"

$5-$20/bottle: 80%

Over $20: 13%

Purchasers of wine on Internet

Frequent Internet wine buyer: 16%

Occasional purchaser: 40%

Typical expenditure for wine in restaurant

$30-$80: 50%

Under $30: 45%

Wine book libraries

Own 11-70 wine books: 50%

Own 1-10 wine books: 36%

Threshold of pain for wine buying

$15-$20 for "everyday wine"

But 20% say they'd pay more

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