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Let's cork up this bad law!


The following message is suggested by Free the Grapes!, a coalition of five wine-industry organizations. If you agree with its contents, please personalize it and then fax or email it to your representative on the House Judiciary Committee. (Here are hotlinks to help you identify and E-mail your representative.)

"As an adult voter in [your state], I strongly encourage you NOT TO INCLUDE Senator Byrd's amendment in the House of Representatives' version of the Juvenile Justice Bill (S254). Our state should be able to enforce its laws, but I fear that the wine shipping amendment in the Senate's Juvenile Justice Bill would unfairly restrict my ability to purchase fine wines not readily available in my area. This amendment has nothing to do with protecting our youth; it would merely favor in-state wholesaler middlemen at the expense of consumer access to the incredible diversity of America's wines. Such legislation would undercut the creative solutions that states, winemakers, wholesalers and retailers are enacting to satisfy adult wine consumers like me and provide necessary provisions for a socially-sensitive product like wine. Finally, is it really necessary to pursue Federal jurisdiction when other avenues for enforcement remain unexplored? Do we really need more cases in our Federal courts? Please let me know how you intend to vote on this important consumer rights issue."


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