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Wine Questionary
Much like a traditional encyclopedia but hyperlinked and interactive, The Wine Questionary makes it easy for you to browse through the most frequently asked wine questions (not to mention some more uncommon but intriguing topics) and find just the information you seek.

Wine Lovers' Lexicon
This feature combines our wine-tasting dictionary and wine-pronouncing glossary. Featuring more than 500 wine-related words and phrases, the Wine Lovers' Lexicon offers you quick, readable definitions of the words you'll need to select, evaluate and buy wine in the tasting room, restaurant or wine shop, complete with pronunciations and MP3 sound files so you can hear all the non-English words and phrases.

Wine Label Decoder
Few things about fine wine are more daunting to the newcomer than the wine-bottle label. All that small print! All those foreign words and terms! Learn to decode the label, though, and you've armed yourself with the tools you need to be a savvy consumer. Our new Wine Label Decoder offers straightforward explanations of label language, keyed to pictures of labels from five countries.

Quick Wine Tasting Course
This series of articles that I wrote for The Louisville Courier-Journal offers a good starting point for newcomers to wine appreciation. Consider it an online wine-tasting tutorial.

Wine Tasting Toolbox
You'll find a variety of articles, reference materials and tasting forms, from simple to advanced to essay-style, in my Wine Tasting Toolbox, a resource containing many elements in common with this menu. It's intended as an organized source of information for wine lovers at any stage of expertise who want a complete set of tools to taste wine analytically, whether as a hobby exercise at home or while dining out, or for organizing a group wine-tasting party.

Pim's Vintage Charts
My friend Pim van Ravesteijn, a wine merchant in The Netherlands, creates these pictorial vintage charts as a hobby. They're beauties, and full of useful information, too!

WWW Winegrape Glossary
For the most comprehensive guide to wine grapes on the Web, The Wine Lovers' Page is proud to host The Super Gigantic WWW Winegrape Glossary, edited by Anthony J. Hawkins.

The Cellar Builder
Another how-to-do-it article on The Wine Lovers' Page, The Cellar Builder: Wine Lovers' Tips on Housing Your Collection, is now available for your enjoyment. This extensive series of tips and suggestions is the collective work of participants on our Wine Lovers' Discussion Group, and it is an evolving project; from time to time we'll add more useful hints as we get them.

Ask a Wine Question
In a feature that I believe to be unique among wine-appreciation sites on the Web, I am happy to try to give personal answers to wine-related questions. If you can't find your answer in our Wine Questionary or through our Serach Engine, you're welcome to ask a wine question, I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours. Questions of general interest, and their answers, may be posted in these pages unless questioners request otherwise. Also, if you have a question of general interest, you may want to post it on the Wine Lovers' Discussion Group, where other participating wine hobbyists may join in with replies.

The following older articles include a number of my past wine columns, radio commentaries and replies of general interest to fellow wine lovers' questions. Until we incorporate them into the growing Wine Questionary, I'll continue to archive them as WineFAQs, an online compendium of answers to frequently asked questions about wine.
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