Julia Sevenich reports from Austria

I'm delighted to welcome Julia Sevenich as a regular contributor to WineLoversPage.com.

Julia says here first "OOOhLaLa" experience with wine happened at the tender age of 15 with a glass of Sauternes and she thought, “Wow, and this stuff is legal?!” Well, it would be in the U.S., anyway, when she finally turned 21.

After international training as a chef, then as a sommelier, Julia transferred from the restaurant business to the wine trade. She worked several years as a wine purchaser and since 2000 has been a freelance journalist, author, and educator, specializing in wine and food.

Julia currently lives in Austria and writes both in English and German. When she is not cooking for friends and family or tasting wines or actually writing about it all, you can find her frolicking in the Alps on skis, a bike, or even her own two feet.

Julia will be giving us an insider's view to the Austrian wine scene, as well as letting us in on her tastings, travels, and rants and raves about European wine and food. Thank goodness she is a notorious gossip!

Here are her articles featured on WineLoversPage.com. Check this page often to keep an eye out for more!

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