Winery Profile: Weingut Wieninger
Vienna, Austria

©2005-2006 by Julia Sevenich

Lisi and Fritz Wieninger
"Wieninger" directly translates into "man from Vienna", which is quite a fitting name for Vienna's leading winemaker. What once began as a small Heurigen in the Stammersdorf district of Vienna, is now a full fledged winery with 25 hectares of vineyards on both sides of the Danube. The Nussberger natives were initially not enthusiastic when a man from the "wrong" side of the Danube River purchased vineyards in their district. That changed when Fritz Wieninger became the city's first vintner to attain international fame for his Riesling Nussberg.

Vienna is the only world capital with significant wine cultivation within city limits. Viennese wine is so much a part of the city's culture, that it is difficult to taste a bottle outside the metropolis. Following suit with Fritz Wieninger is now a new generation of vintners in the city producing more complex wines for sophisticated palates. With this rank of quality it is not surprising that the popularity of Viennese wine tourism among international cognoscenti is growing.

2004 Wieninger Fritz - Chardonnay classic - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
This pale green-yellow Chardonnay has no influence of oak and has a crisp, clean ripe gold delicious apple nose. The acidity is racy, but well integrated. The medium bodied wine is clearly focused and a good all-around wine for food pairing. Drink through 2007.

2002 Wieninger Fritz - Riesling, Nussberg - Wien (750 ml)
Saturday, June 05, 2004
Vienna is the only world capital with significant wine production and Fritz Wieninger is indisputably the city's leading vintner. This single vineyard Riesling astounded myself and colleauges at a blind tasting of top 2002 Rieslings from Germany and Austria at the VieVinum 2004. This deep lemon colored wine displays intense exotic fruit and wet pebbles on the nose. Opulent yellow fruits come through on the palate which is medium to full-bodied. Sweet, deeply extracted fruit plays delightfully with vibrant acidity and a touch of botrytis spice. This wine is delightful to drink now, but certainly has potential for aging. Drink now to 2005 or wait and drink 2012 to 2018.

2004 Wieninger Fritz - Nussberg Alte Reben Gemischter Satz - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Gemischter Satz is the name for a traditional Austrian wine sourced from a vineyard with several different varieties growing next to one another and harvested and vinified together. This particular wine was sourced from vines with an average of 40 years old and was fermented in stainless steel, left on the fine lees with battonage, but underwent no second fermentation. Elegant and complex aromas of grapefruit and bergamot are bedded in a medium full body. This wine is deeply extracted and still needs some time to develop. The finis is vibrant with citrus and mineral flavors. This is a wine that is capable of bottle aging. Drink now through 2010.

2004 Wieninger Fritz - Riesling Nussberg - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
This pale yellow wine has a pronounced nose of peaches, apricots, and a hint of lime. This off-dry Riesling has a wonderful balance between sweetness and acidity and portrays the fruit bright, clear, and focused. The finish lingers extremely long and brings minerals, ripe exotic fruit, and citrus notes. Drink 2006-2009 or 2012-2019.

2003 Wieninger Fritz - Chardonnay Selection - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
30% of this pale yellow colored wine was fermented in small oak barrels with battonage, the rest fermented in stainless steel and large oak casks. The nose displays pronounced exotic fruit reminiscent of pineapple, litchi, and green mango. The oak is noticeable on the palate in the form of creaminess, full-body, and a hint of vanilla that is woven with the fruit. The acidity is animated and well-integrated, the finish lingers long and well-balanced. Drink now to 2008.

2002 Wieninger Fritz - Chardonnay Grand Select - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
This pale straw colored wine was fermented in small oak barrels. The nose is elegant, nearly reticent, and by no means dominated totally by oak, but rather a soft elegant fragrance of meadow flowers, vanilla, spice, ripe melon. This follows through wonderfully on a complex, balanced mouth with a creamy filling texture. The acidity is exquisitely balanced. Drink 2008 to 2018.

2002 Wieninger Fritz - Pinot Noir Grand Select - Wien (750 ml)
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
This wine underwent its alcoholic fermentation in 450 liter new oak barrels with one end removed to make pigeage possible. The color is pale transparent garnet. The nose is elegant and enchanting with soft, ripe raspberry, cherry, and a hint of tarragon. The texture is silky, but with a grip, and the body light to medium. Delicate smoky aromas are woven with plums, raspberries, and a hint of Portobello mushrooms. Drink now to 2010.

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