WTN: Three from DinDin Last Night..(short/boring)

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WTN: Three from DinDin Last Night..(short/boring)

Postby TomHill » Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:11 pm

We tried these three last night w/ dinner:
1. Ecker RoterVeltliner (Trocken, EB; 12.5%) Wagram/Austria 2012: Med.gold color; rather fragrant/floral/bit peppery/spicy slight earthy/waxy rather attractive/perfumed nose; bit spritzy/dissolved CO2 some floral/spicy/peppery fairly tart/tangy bit rich flavor; med.short light floral/spicy/peppery bit earthy/rich dry/tart/tangy light finish; an altogether pleasant bit GV-like white but just that. $18.00 (AV)
2. Murrieta'sWell TheWhip WW LivermoreVlly (13.0%; 43% Chard/15% GWT/13% SauvBlanc/9% OrangeMuscat/8% Viog/5% PinotBlanc/4% Semillon/3% MuscatCanelli) Livermore 2012: Light gold color; quite fragrant/aromatic some muscatty/GWT/hair oil very attractive nose; soft/rich/lush mostly GWT/hair oil bit melony/Chard pleasant flavor; long spicy/hair oil/GWT/melony/Chard quite perfumed finish; sorta like a Conundrum w/o the heavy oak; a pretty/pleasant/soul-less white w/ little distinctive character to hang your hat on; speaks nothing of LivermoreVlly or much varietal character; bit pricey for what it is. $24.00 (AV)
3. Champ de Reves PinotNoir AndersonVlly (14.5%; www.ChampdeReves.com) BarbaraBanke/Windsor 2010: Med.light color; some buttery/oak/toasty light cherry/earthy/PN/slight walnutty spicy pleasant PN nose; tart bit hard/tannic/lean light cherry/PN/earthy/spicy light buttery/toasty/oak flavor w/ some hard tannins; med.long some bright/cherry/PN/earthy/spicy light buttery/oak/toasty somewhat lean/hard/tannic/eviscerated finish; a classic/mainstream/AndersonVlly/undistinguished/quotidian PN w/ little redeeming features; needs several yrs of age yet; speaks of AndersonVlly PN but not much to excite one and overpriced at $39.00 (AV)
And a wee BloodyPulpit:
1. RoterVeltliner: A variety used in Austria to make white wine. Unrelated to GrunerVeltliner. No known parentage.
2. Champ de Reves: BarbaraBanke is JessJackson's widow. So this is a K-J property. I was expecting a lot more from this wine, but it just didn't deliver the goods.
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Re: WTN: Three from DinDin Last Night..(short/boring)

Postby Andrew Bair » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:02 pm

Thank you for the notes, Tom. I've had the Ecker RV a couple of times, and thought that the 2010 was noticeably better than the 2009, for whatever it's worth. Leth and Setzer both do good Roters; Mantlerhof used to, but I haven't seen their wines since Terry Theise stopped importing them some years ago.

I'm pretty sure that Roter Veltliner is a parent to a few lesser Austrian varieties like Fruhroter Veltliner - as you say, though, no relation to Gruner.
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