What wine with ratatouille?

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What wine with ratatouille?

Postby David M. Bueker » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:53 pm

So far I have tried Beaujolais, Syrah and Bordeaux. None have really worked.
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Dale Williams » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:03 pm

with the tomatoes and eggplant, you need to have something that handles acidity and (pleasant) bitterness. And it's from Provence.
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Ken Schechet » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:58 am

Totally agree with dry rose. If you really want a red, Barbera has a great affinity for both tomatoes and eggplant. A Zinfandel is also worth trying.
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby David N » Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:53 am

I would suggest that any southern Rhone or Languedoc would work well.
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Peter May » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:45 am

David M. Bueker wrote:So far I have tried Beaujolais, Syrah and Bordeaux. None have really worked.

I regularly have ratatouille as a main course dinner and I like to have a southern French red with it.

Corbieres with its Carignan/Grenache blend is a current favourite.

Incidentally I don't find tomatoes too acidic - but for those who do every recipe that cooks with tomatoes seems to call for added sugar to counter acidity, so that shouldn't be an issue either way.

As for bitterness of aubergines -- I've read of it, but not encountered it, presuming that modern varieties have had it bred out, however I follow the advice to salt before using to 'draw out the bitterness' because more importantly it extract moisture and stops the aubergine soaking up as much olive oil.

There are many different recipes for ratatouille, mine hasn't changed ingredients (aubergine, courgettes, onions, peppers and tomatoes) but has changed in cooking. Now I fry the different components except tomatoes separately before combining them with tomatoes and simmering. Left to next day and warmed is even better. I did once try using butternut instead of courgette but the family did not like the break from tradition - or the butternut :)
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Robin Garr » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:28 am

I'm on board with Southern French reds (or rosés) with ratatouille and other tomato-rich dishes - personally, I look for a good slug of Grenache in the GSM(C) blend; and would also add Tuscan table reds - not so much the spoofy super-Tuscans and Parkerized Chiantis but the good, honest everyday stuff.
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Mark Lipton » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:53 am

Petit Manseng. :D

Mark Lipton
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Mark Lipton
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Re: What wine with ratatouille?

Postby Bill Spohn » Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:56 pm

Mark Lipton wrote:Petit Manseng. :D

Mark Lipton

Damn - I was just going to suggest a Madiran!
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