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Postby P Arvela » Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:30 am

Greetings from Paris. How can someone say that Paris is romantic. For a quiet Finn it was a chaos. The traffic was a catastroph, the noises overwhelming and much too many people including the turists tried to manage their way to home, work or historical places. Rogov recommended the bistro La Tartine which was also dissapointing. The meal was worse than in the usual corner bistros and the wine list quite short. What is going on. May be I am too old or the town is going down in every cathegory. I took a drink also in La Coupole and for the first time I noticed some terrible pantings in that famous coupole. The Quartier Latin was too noisy and the old caveau Huchette was today a theatre.

Dear Rogov. Bring my nostalgic image back again
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Re: Paris

Postby Mike_F » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:18 am

P Arvela wrote:Dear Rogov. Bring my nostalgic image back again

I am not Rogov, but my suggestion would be to go to Caves Petrissans. It is a wine bar, bistro and wine shop all-in-one. You can dine there in the evening with a full fixed price menu, or select the dishes of the day, washed down with a choice from 12-15 different wines by the glass. Food was simple and excellent last time I was there, and the wine list by the glass is great, but you also have the option of selecting any bottle from the ~50 page catalog of the shop and pay the list price plus a corkage fee- a very nice option if you are there with a few like-minded people. The list goes from simple rouges at 6-7 Euros up to DRCs at 2500 Euros. All in all one of the most enjoyable places I have ever visited in Paris, and well worth visiting for anybody interested in wine. One limitation to be aware of- Caves Petrissans is closed on Sundays (not sure about Saturday). Also if you want to dine rather than sample at the bar, it's a good idea to make a reservation- the place was chock full (mostly locals) when we visited, and I was glad we had reserved.

Caves Petrissans, 30 bis Av. Niel, Paris 17; tel 01 42 27 52 03 (Metro Pereire)
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