RC Report: Robins’ Polenta w/ mushrooms & sausage

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RC Report: Robins’ Polenta w/ mushrooms & sausage

Postby RichardAtkinson » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:56 pm

Brian Miller posted a blurb over on the Wine forum pages regarding Polenta & Wine. It reminded me of a recipe I had been saving and never got around to trying. Robins' polenta w/ mushrooms & sausage.

I haven't eaten grits in more years than I want to count. And If I hadn’t of tried this polenta, I would never have believed how well it paired with wine…red & white ( tried em both…went extremely well with a simple chianti and an NZ Sauvignon Blanc)

I pretty much followed the recipe, except with one ingredient. The was no italian sausage available, so I subbed an equivalent amount of ground sausage and spiced the dish with dried basil, oregano & parsley. Which was probably best for me since I'm not a big fan of anise or fennel.

We topped the dish w/ fontina & asiago….

Amazingly simple & satisfying…and definitely worth doing again.

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Re: RC Report: Robins’ Polenta w/ mushrooms & sausage

Postby Robin Garr » Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:05 pm

RichardAtkinson wrote:Amazingly simple & satisfying…and definitely worth doing again.

Glad you liked it, Richard, and I never worry about substitutions - that's half the fun of cooking, for me! I'm funny about anise and fennel, by the way - when I was a kid I absolutely despised licorice, yet I've always loved the gentler anise scent in Italian sausage and similar dishes, which to me is a real comfort food. Of course, on my first trip to France I learned to sip Pernod at bars in Montpellier and I guess got intrigued just by being there and doing that.
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