Let me tell you how many viogniers I own

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Re: Let me tell you how many viogniers I own

Postby James Dietz » Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:51 am

Jenise.. I have really enjoyed Arcadian Pinots... the Fiddlestix is especially good... and the entry level SMV bottling is very nice too......

Jenise wrote:Say, pinotlady, have you had Arcadian yet? I'm on the hunt, as everything I've read lately suggests it's my kind of Cali-pinot.
Cheers, Jim
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Re: Let me tell you how many viogniers I own

Postby JC (NC) » Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:59 am

I haven't had it recently. I had one maybe two years ago that I didn't really like, although others have said that the winemaker usually does an excellent job. It may have been the vintage.

I like some of Steele's Zinfandels (lighter bodied than the typical California Zin). Catfish Zinfandel and I think Pacini were two I liked--wasn't so sold on the Mendocino Ridge. Even Jed admits that these are not typical of the variety (he compares to Claret and a retailer compares to Pinot Noir). I also like his Carneros Pinot Noir in most vintages. We had a bottle of one of his Carneros Pinots at a restaurant in Sanibel, Florida that had a nose you could pick up from across the table. The waiter decanted it and this luscious scent just wafted across the place settings. I've also like the Pinot Blanc and the 2001 Viognier upon release (but not to drink in 2006--my error keeping it so long). I don't really get into his Chardonnays or Shooting Star line.
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Re: Let me tell you how many viogniers I own

Postby Jenise » Wed Jul 12, 2006 1:29 pm

JC, I'm probably judging him more by the chardonnays (friends used to consider this their house chard) and the Shooting Star line, so my thinking could be way off base.

Jim and JC--I can't wait to try Arcadian. David Bueker recently posted a note that really grabbed my attention and several other things I then read about the wines suggested that this was my kind of wine. I've got some Pisoni and Gary's coming, and I found the '01 Santa Maria in Canada for just $30 (haven't gone to get it yet, but it's there.) I'm looking forward to trying them.
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Re: Viognier

Postby Bob Parsons Alberta » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:30 pm

David M. Bueker wrote:I'm on the Jenise side of this argument. I have exactly zero Viognier in the cellar right now. I do tend to explore it a little bit as I really like aromatic whites, but Viognier is jst too blowsy for me. Even an Edmunds St. John was too fat for my taste. The most recent Melville version had 16.2% alcohol. I used it to sterilize surgical instruments.

Well, looks like I have a winner here folks. The `03 Fairview Viognier from SA. 14.5% is a tad scary but this wine sure has lots going for it. Stay tuned!!
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