A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

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A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

Postby Michael Greenberg » Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:39 pm

A friend of mine here in Ottawa,Ontario willbe visiting Israel in October this year...I've asked him if he can manage to purchase a bottle of highly rated Clos De Gat wine for me to bring back from his trip...I told him I would specify my preferences of which Clos De Gat wine to buy
if he can get that win..
HOWEVER,I note from the Clos De Gat website that several of their highly rated previous releases are sold out (which I assume means at the winery)--but I also assume that means none of those willbe left on store shelves either..THUS ,I assume that my friend will not be able to obtain a bottle of the highly rated Clos De Gat Sycra Syrah 2004 (which would have been my top preference ,nor the Syrah Har'El 2006 (which would have been my 2nd preference) --my next choices probably would be the Clos De Gat 2004 or 2005 (cab sauv. blends) if they are still available --or better yet any newer Sycra releases...

MY question to Rogov is: By the time my friend is in Israel (about the final week in October) what Clos De Gat reds will still be available in the wine stores? Are there new releases out by then? Will the Sycra Merlot 2006 be released by then? What should I ask my friend to "target" as a purchase from Clos de Gat if he has a good chance of finding it at the wine store in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem ?
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Re: A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

Postby Gary J » Thu Jul 31, 2008 2:40 pm


You may want to consider purchasing the wine online. There is a small importer bringing Clos de gat wines in to NY. Some of the bottles can be found at Gotham wines online here...

Or here through forum member Richard of Israel wine direct
https://www2.ibgcheckout.com/israeliwin ... at_id=1001

It does not appear to include any of your specific choices, but it is something...
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Re: A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

Postby Mike_F » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:31 pm

Michael - For a fine on-line retailer in Israel check http://www.winedepot.co.il/Catalogs.asp ... CatID=271_ . I suspect that the Sycra's will still be available in October, the wines are good, but the price...
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Re: A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

Postby Daniel Rogov » Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:00 pm

Michael, Hi.....

Several good suggestions above. It is very difficult at this writing to know precisely what will be available and what new releases making their way to market by October. Not at all trying to put you off but if you do want your friend to make purchases when here best will be to post again about two weeks before his arrival so I/we can do some valid checking about what is then available.

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Re: A question for Rogov on CLOS DE GAT -availability?

Postby Ehud W » Sun Aug 03, 2008 2:36 am

Michael Greenberg wrote:Will the Sycra Merlot 2006 be released by then?

I had the opportunity to taste, last week, the Sycra Syrah 2006 (next to the 2004, both extremely beautiful), and it was then told that the wine was bottled a week or two before. I'm not sure about the Merlot 2006, but I'd guess it's not yet bottled.
For both Sycra 2006 Syrah and Merlot I think they will not be on the shelves in October.

I suggest you follow Mike's link to Wine Depot, I believe they are the most likely to have the labels you seek for.
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