Preparing brain?

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Re: Preparing brain?

Postby Frank Deis » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:15 am

My grandmother was an excellent cook -- "but" she like Scrapple for breakfast and I spent a lot of time at her house so I ate it many times when I was a kid. One thing I didn't like was that I kind of had to pick these white pieces of thin tough stuff out from my teeth after eating it. After I grew up I realized that was the sclera, the white of the pig's eye. :cry:

FWIW I do think Scrapple tastes kinda "brainy." I had a Swiss friend who had grown up there during hard times and loved a kind of sausage called "Cervelat." Not too hard to figure out the etymology there...
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Re: Preparing brain?

Postby Bob Henrick » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:20 pm

Mike, when I was a lad my Mother made scrapple every winter (November? or December?) Anyway when it was cold enough the meat would not spoil or taint. I do remember her boiling the whole hog head(s) along with some other parts. So, I suppose some brains could have found their way into the mixture. I would think though that she would have removed and discarded them before they were mixed with the the cornmeal and broth mixture. Another thing she made was a dish she called panhaash (my spelling) she said it was an American Indian dish (she was from Oklahoma). this was made from leftover pot roast and it's gravy. She also boiled the cornmeal in a thinned down version of the pot roast gravy. She then took the scrapple or the panhaash and poured them into loaf pans to set up ready for slicing for breakfast. Man that was always a treat for we kids, and my dad didn't mind it either! :D
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Re: Preparing brain?

Postby Jenise » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:34 pm

Frank Deis wrote: After I grew up I realized that was the sclera, the white of the pig's eye. :cry:

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