RCP: Chilled cucumber and avocado soup

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RCP: Chilled cucumber and avocado soup

Postby Salil » Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:27 pm

An incredibly easy warm weather dish I pulled together yesterday to start a wine dinner (a variation on another chilled cucumber soup that Jay Miller served at a potluck meal some time ago).

One avocado, two large cucumbers, a bunch of scallions. Peel the avocado and cucumbers, toss along with the scallions into a food processor. Add about one cup of stock of choice, and two cups of yogurt (or for something heavier, some sour cream as well), salt and pepper to taste, continue blending until consistent and then chill for a few hours to set. Garnish with scallions or parsley when serving, accompany with Vatan Sancerre if you have any or if a friend is nice enough to bring some along. :)
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Re: RCP: Chilled cucumber and avocado soup

Postby David M. Bueker » Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:35 am

THanks for the ingredient list. May have to make some during July when the CSA seems to be nothing but cucumbers.
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