RCP: Early Season Tomatoes / Fresh Mozzarella

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RCP: Early Season Tomatoes / Fresh Mozzarella

Postby Richard Atkinson » Sun Jun 04, 2006 1:21 pm

We love this dish, but its not harvest time yet and we are stuck with early seasonals that lack the acidity to carry off the dish.

After throwing together a light dinner using the tomatoes we had, there just wasn't enough " zing " to make it work.

Then I remembered Jenises' Caper dressing for fresh mozzarella. I made a smaller batch, spooned the capers over the alternating slices of cheese & tomatoes (and fresh basil) and drizzled the dish with the garlic / oregano infused oil. Great!...Makes a great presentation too...

Actually this happened a couple of months ago. We've served it twice since then at get togethers with friends with great success. It lets you use early...and I suspect, late seasonal tomatoes for a nice meal year round.

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