Two cool new items at the supermarket this week

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Two cool new items at the supermarket this week

Postby Jenise » Fri May 19, 2006 4:46 pm

Might be old hat in your neighborhood, but new to me:

"Bruno Rosso" tomatoes from British Columbia, $3.49/lb: As the name (translates as brown-red) implies, the color of these tomatoes is a deep indian red with burnished blushes. They're super robust flavored, thick-walled tomatoes with the sweetness, juiciness and acidity of late summer--in MAY. Just fabulous.

"Living Celery": A bound handful of posey-length celery starts consisting of leaves on pencil-thin stalks. Meant to be a tender seasoning, and probably aimed at the significant Dutch population in my area. I know in Holland they sell celery leaves cut from mature stalks just for adding to pots of steamed mussels and the like.
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