Primavera at the Leonardo Plaza in Jerusalem

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Primavera at the Leonardo Plaza in Jerusalem

Postby Mike BG » Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:42 am

We used to eat quite a bit at the Primavera Restaurant at what was then called the 'Jerusalem Plaza Hotel', now known as the 'Leonardo Plaza'. Over the last couple of years we found that they had got into a bit of a rut and found the quality and variety had fallen considerably. The strangest thing was the 'new, spring menu' which lasted for at least TWO WINTERS after the spring it was introduced ...

Last night we were there for the first time in ages. There is a new menu, with a huge variety of new items, many of which we found very interesting and really excellent.

The markup on wine is also quite reasonable.

So, does this go against the trend mentioned elsewhere in this forum of a general downtrend in quality?
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