Famous Fat Dave in New York (Kosher if you Like)

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Famous Fat Dave in New York (Kosher if you Like)

Postby Daniel Rogov » Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:20 pm

Sent to me by most faithful of corresondents an article explaining how David Freedenbuerg (aka Famous Fat Dave) drives a vintage 1982 Checker Taxi in which he takes people on dining tours of New York City. Well, perhaps "dining tours" might be a bit high - what Dave takes people on are pig-out tours of nostalgia. Whether that nostaligia is Dave's, Woody Allen''s or your grandparents' is unimportant, because Dave seems to know every hot dog joint, deli and soda fountain from the Bronx to Brooklyn and, for $100 per hour, that including his company, the taxi and all you can eat at any of the stops you make, you too can enjoy these tours.

Even though Dave has a passion for soft-shelled crabs, he is more than willing to take people on an all-kosher tour (not all of the places he visits have a formal kashrut certificate). Or, if you want, you can do all pizza, all burgers, all candy-stores or ice cream parlors. Or, any combination of those you like. Sounds like great fun. I may even phone him on my next visit to New York. I think I'll opt for the hot-dog day.

See the article in The Forward at http://forward.com/articles/129663/

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