Uniforms at Arcaffe

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Uniforms at Arcaffe

Postby Daniel Rogov » Mon Aug 04, 2008 6:02 am

Arcaffe is one of Israelis larger and more popular chains of cafes and, because there is a branch quite near to my home, that is where I often sit both for my pleasure and my meetings. Until a short while ago, the Arcaffe employees wore casual clothes to work, those covered by a bistro-style wrap around white apron. Several weeks ago, however, the chain issued uniforms to all of its employees (well, almost all as will soon be seen). I suppose some like the "uniformity of the uniforms" but as to the staff, among the comments I have heard include:

"I feel more like a guard in a juvenile prison than a barrista"
"It gives me the feeling of being in a prisoner of war camp"
"What did we do wrong that we have to be punished?"
"Don't ask because I'll start screaming"

Personally, although this is an entirely personal opinion, I find the uniforms somewhat silly.

As to who does not have to wear the uniforms:

(a) the branch managers, which is fair enough as those young men and women always dress nicely and always wear a tie and the Ethiopian immigrants who have been hired to clean tables

(b) the Ethiopian immigrants who have been hired to clean tables and that gives me a problem! Anyone else react to this?

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Re: Uniforms at Arcaffe

Postby Ian Sutton » Mon Aug 04, 2008 5:33 pm

I'm not a fan of uniforms. Armies wear uniforms...

Dressing smartly, professionally, appropriately is cool, but it's always a danger when soemone attempts to put in print what that means (sometimes dangerously in the name of 'consistency')

Ethiopeans. If invited in and it presents an opportunity for them, then I'm cautiously ok. The reality is often it's an opportunity to exploit them (or other immigrant workers). Hopefully over time they'll make enough money to open an Ethiopean restaurant / cafe of which I'm very fond of the ones in Amsterdam.


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Re: Uniforms at Arcaffe

Postby MarkC » Wed Aug 06, 2008 4:37 am

Funny, I was in Arcaffe a couple of weeks ago with an older gentleman who is himself a coffee afficionado and in the restaurant business in the United States. He was very impressed with Arcaffe, and he liked the uniforms, thinking that it projected seriousness and commitment to quality, rather than a bunch of friends hanging out. I think it's definitely an American rather than an Israeli thing.
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Re: Uniforms at Arcaffe

Postby Heather Yaron » Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:55 pm

Hi I am Heather (Hadar), and I am from Louisville, KY. Hometown of your moderator Robin Garr.

Husband is Israeli born, and we have several friends, family, and folks we do business with in most of Israel.

I want to say that I love Arcaffe, so much so that I am stealing their "pesto Granola" formula for the salad topping in my own little Cafe here in Louisville!

In regard to the uniforms, I would have to see what they look like in order to make a judgement.
But if it fits in with the tidiness of the food presentations that Arcaffe exhibits in their cases, than I am all for it!

Also, in regard to the Ethiopian community, I have been somewhat involved from the American side of the absorption process, and I think the more that any ethnic group can assimilate into society the better, they learn the language faster etc, and they have New Olim rights like everyone else. It is harder for this particular group though, some are coming from a rather primitive existence, so I guess that have to start somewhere. The state of Israel is not exploiting them, it could be the individual business owners, and that can happen anywhere. You can only hope they are being treated with dignity, and respect .

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