WTN: 2012 Librandi Ciro Rosato, D.O.C., Italy

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WTN: 2012 Librandi Ciro Rosato, D.O.C., Italy

Postby JC (NC) » Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:47 pm

I paid $14.00. Leonardo Locascio Selection, imported by Winebow, Inc. Bottled by Librandi Antonio E. Nicodemo S.P.A., Ciro Marina.
13% abv. The color was attractive and fell between coral and red on the spectrum. The wine had a frizzante sensation in the mouth when first opened and poured. I found red berries in the fragrance and red berries and citrus on the palate (maybe some pomegranate as well as raspberry and strawberry.) There was an initial tart suggestion of sour hard candies, also a bit of texture on the tongue from fuzzy tannins. An intriguing wine. It improved the second evening with aeration and loss of the frizzante sensation. I like this better at room temperature than chilled. I would buy this again if available under $15.
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