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Re: Sommeliers

Postby Daisy D » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:12 pm

I was the 'friend' Jenise referred to when starting this thread. I appreciate all the comments everyone made as it helped clarify our mutual feelings/understanding of what it would be like to pursue a career in the restaurant industry.

While he enjoyed the restaurant gig at first, he was slowly pulled away from being able to do what he was hired for and was being used for other things around the restaurant. While he has not given up pursuit of working in an industry he loves so dearly (wine), he has cut ties with the restaurant and moved on to another job while we plan for our next move.
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Re: Sommeliers

Postby Jenise » Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:21 pm

Joy Lindholm wrote:Yes! I love getting to Kansas City whenever I can slip away for a couple of days. It is about double the size of Omaha, with at least that many great restaurants. We really enjoyed the Rieger (especially their basement speakeasy "Manifesto" - the best cocktails in the Midwest I've had outside Chicago), but found other little gems with great wine programs like the Farmhouse and Tannin Wine Bar. Where else did you dine?

The Farmhouse is the nose to tail restaurant I mentioned that knew to chill Beaujolais! We did Lidia's for lunch one day, and were disappointed (but there wasn't much else open on Saturdays), and some went to the Oklahoma Joe's gas station on the Kansas side, I think it was called, for BBQ. Plus another place I can't remember that we couldn't have gotten into without Howard (exec chef/partner) at the Rieger pulling in a favor for us. It was a set menu kind of place and you either do the five course or the seven course, somewhat French in style. Also, we ate at the...oh crap. Name fails me. More or less around the corner from the Rieger (no question my favorite meal of the trip), and it's the casual eatery associated with the town's most esteemed restaurant (Michael's?) that might have "olive" or "olive oil" in the name. We weren't there long enough!
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