WTN: St Innocent Chardonnay, 01 WS Pinot & 94 Angelus

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WTN: St Innocent Chardonnay, 01 WS Pinot & 94 Angelus

Postby Jason Hagen » Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:19 pm

Enjoyed during a nice dinner with my family, so these are just brief impressions.

2004 St. Innocent Chardonnay Anden Vineyard
A really nice chardonnay. People who say they dislike American Chards should try the SIs. The Anden is drinking well right now but I think it could use 12-18 months to integrate better. This is currently showing more wood than the Freedom Hill, IMO.

2001 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir Vista Verde (San Benito WTF?)
I was unfamiliar with the vineyard and San Benito. I am also pretty unfamiliar with WS after the 99 vintage. The WS wines I have had over the last 5 vintages have been to my liking, they just haven’t fit into the budget. I would say I would never have guessed this wine as a WS. It was almost the anti WS (again not real familiar with the 2001 WS). In your face sweet cherry fruit and a relatively absent finish. Tasty clove and spice creeps in but this is a little uninspired. A great cocktail.

1994 Chateau Angelus St Emilion
This wine is a cool smoky room. The fruit is like powdery dark berries. Very nice with lots of life left in it. Compared to my limited experience with 94s I thought this was showing very well.


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Re: WTN: St Innocent Chardonnay, 01 WS Pinot & 94 Angelus

Postby James Dietz » Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:47 pm

Dude.. you just couldn't save that Angelus til tonite, huh??
Cheers, Jim
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