WTN: '96 Musar and '95 Musar Rosé (for Otto)

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WTN: '96 Musar and '95 Musar Rosé (for Otto)

Postby Mike B. » Mon Oct 23, 2006 2:46 pm

Otto, I know you've been waiting eagerly for these, and I look forward to your reply.

1996 Château Musar – Tasting notes from 2002 on Musar’s web site state, “drink now,” but I think this wine’s still got it going on. At least relative to other wines – I’ve only had Musar from one other vintage to compare it to.

The nose was all funk at first, but I decanted it a couple hours before dinner (thanks Otto) and it blew off to reveal light floral notes and strawberries. The colour was light garnet with faint bricking around the edges. On the palate it was light, smooth and with flavours of clove and light hints of strawberries.

I paired this with a dijon and rosemary-encrusted rack of lamb and dolmades. A wonderful match.

I have another 1996 and am quite confident in holding onto it for at least another year. If this is an off-year, then I look forward to the great vintages.

1995 Musar Rosé – Amber-orange in colour. Again, a funky nose, and all I could taste was alcohol, so I let it decant. After a while it developed a really earthy aroma on the nose, with a little bit of berry underneath. On the mouth I picked up currant and vegetal flavours, kinda like dirt, actually. This didn’t last long before the flavours thinned out and it again tasted like alcohol and coloured water.

Otto, maybe the Rosé is just not my thing. It seemed to have a little window where it was quite drinkable, but then shortly after turned me off. I had chilled it for a few hours, but it didn’t show anything until it had warmed up.

What are your experiences with it?
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Re: WTN: '96 Musar and '95 Musar Rosé (for Otto)

Postby Otto » Mon Oct 23, 2006 5:28 pm

Mike, thanks for the excellent notes! I agree that Musarwise, the '96 rouge is a light one. In a sense, I can understand why the website says to drink now: this just doesn't IMO have the stuffing or the structure to develop into something more interesting. But I cannot imagine it going downhill anytime soon. Even the 1990, which is alongside this the weakest recent Musar is still going strong.

Though I don't appreciate the '96 very much, it is still true Musar. But 99, 95, 93, 91 are much better. :)

I should have warned you about the rosé. That is one strange wine. I should have told you to serve it at just a bit below room temperature (c. 17 C). What I do find curious is the prominent alcohol you mention. That I didn't notice. Oh well, maybe it has gone downhill even though I wouldn't have expected that (I think Bartholomew Broadbent has tasted a rosé from the 40's that was still going strong recently!!). Maybe a bad bottle. Maybe its just not your style. Impossible to say from here, but it's a pity you didn't enjoy it. You'll have to come to Finland in January for IceCool (like MoCool but in Helsinki, lol!!) and I'll open up something good to compensate for having recommended the rosé! :)
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Re: WTN: '96 Musar and '95 Musar Rosé (for Otto)

Postby James Roscoe » Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:07 pm

IceCool in Helsinki?! Bring hot chocolate and sauternes (and plenty of Musar for the host who will be grilling big chunks of meat).
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Re: WTN: '96 Musar and '95 Musar Rosé (for Otto)

Postby DebA » Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:25 pm

James, our invites must be in the mail...lol! :cool:
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