Interesting wine day

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Interesting wine day

Postby Howie Hart » Sun Oct 01, 2006 9:54 am

This was going to be a busy Saturday. My son and I each entered a Chili Cook-Off which takes place today (Sunday). Although I had purchased most of the ingredients on Friday, I had to make trip to another store to pick up Habanero peppers, which his recipe calls for. Following that, a 150 mile round trip to Presque Isle in Northeast, PA to get some juice I ordered for my winemaking. As I walked out of the store with the peppers, I decided to browse the wine shop next door to see if they had a Bandol so I could participate in this month's Wine Focus. While browsing, a customer came in and overheard him ask for "I'm looking for an organic Pinot Noir, one with out sulfates". AARRRGGHH! I had to choke myself to keep from jumping into the conversation. :shock: When the disappointed customer left, I heard the owner of the store instructing the new employee on how to handle such a situation. This conversation I jumped into and shared some of my knowledge of the topic with both of them, including correcting the sulfates - sulfites confusion. I left and headed to Presque Isle for my juice and noted an interesting sign posted on the NY State Thruway "Entering Correctional Facility Area - Do Not Pick Up Hitch Hikers". Okay. This was my first visit to Presque Isle (I had ordered a few things from them on-line). It's a great place situated on the banks of a babbling trout stream. In addition to selling juice and winemaking supplies, they have a restaurant and a winery. While waiting to get my order filled I tasted a few of their wines. The '04 Vignoles was quite nice, but I've had better from the FLs. I am interested in this, as it is one of the juice varieties I'm making into wine this year (first time in about 15 years). Then I tasted an '05 Noiret. This is a new red hybrid, just named by Cornell, and I was very impressed! Dry and peppery with soft tannins and no noticeable labrusca or hybrid characteristics - very much like a Shiraz. I purchased a bottle each of the Vignoles and Noiret and will post TNs when I open them. I had my pails filled with Leon Millot, Foch and Vignoles and headed home to make chili. I'll report on the Chili Cookoff in the Kitchen Forum later. It should be fun - its being held in our church hall and they will have the TV set up so we can all watch the Bills game. :P
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Re: Interesting wine day

Postby Paul B. » Sun Oct 01, 2006 10:31 am

Great post, Howie!

I just picked up some local Traminette and Vignoles yesterday - I'm in Michigan for the weekend. I will make more detailed notes on them when I get home.

The Noiret sure sounds like a winner. I've always loved hybrids just the way they are, but if they've finally created a hybrid that even the vinifera people will like, then that might just be the bridge many have been waiting for. I can't wait to hear more about Noiret.
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Re: Interesting wine day

Postby Victorwine » Sun Oct 01, 2006 1:19 pm

Excellent posts Howie, the staff at Presque Isle are good people.

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