WTN: LUNA 2001 Napa Sangiovese

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WTN: LUNA 2001 Napa Sangiovese

Postby Isaac » Mon Sep 04, 2006 1:02 pm

I bought a bottle of this a year or two ago at the Grocery Outlet. Not bad. Not as fruity as one might expect a 2001 Napa to be, but more of an Italian Chianti style. It didn't really impress me, but I liked it well enough.

I kept buying more. My wife would ask why. I responded, "I keep thinking that, if I don't, I'm going to regret it."

I made some chicken cacciatore last night, and opened another one. It was lovely! The tannins had softened, and the acidity was no longer quite so 'in your face' as it had been. I believe that "integrated" is the word.

I'm not good with descriptors, so I can't tell you about the subtle scents and flavors present. what I can tell you is that it tasted like sangiovese to me, and was very pleasant. I also wish I could remember what I paid for it, but I can't. No more than $5.99, I'm sure.

87% sangiovese
9% merlot
4% cabernet sauvignon
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