WTN: Potel, Pommard, Pruliers, and plenty of pork!

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WTN: Potel, Pommard, Pruliers, and plenty of pork!

Postby Dale Williams » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:17 am

Matt Richman & Arv Rao organized an offline at Daisy Mae's BBQ on 11th Avenue last night. The Big Pig Gig requires 48 hour notice. Half of a (large) suckling pig served with barbecue sauce (I'd call this South Carolina style, with definite mustard notes). They hand out plastic gloves and aprons , you rip apart the pig yourself (at the end Matt and Howard Chen gave a seminar in carcass picking- bravo!). Sides included slaw, Texas toast, baked beans, mashed potatoes and gravy; desserts were watermelon and Bourbon peaches.

The first 8 pix in Arv's album show us and our pig:
http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/droolingh ... pg&.src=ph

The wines:

2004 Michel Niellon "Les Champgains" Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru
A really perfect ideal of Niellon's style- rich ripe almost tropical fruit that might remind one of California, except for a clean acidity and dominating mineral streak in the finish. Reminds me of ripe pears with citrus juice squirted on them. A-/A

PD's mystery wine: Nose seemed like white Burgundy to me. On the palate the wood seemed quite heavy to me (no one else seemed to agree). There was a mineral note that seemed to agree, though the palate was more floral/tropical and citrusy. The more I tasted the less idea I had, I wavered, but threw out Meursault as a guess, my worst guess of the year, it's the 2004 Mas d´en Compte (Priorat), apparently mostly Grenache blanc. B

On to the reds:
1999 Girardin "Champans" Volnay
Quite tight at first. Opened though, with some nice dark cherry fruit. Seems a bit oaky, but overall well-balanced. B+

1988 Ballot-Millot "Pezerolles" Pommard 1er
Tight and still a little tannic, this had a funky dankness (not corked, though) at first. But that eventually blew off , by my last revisit it was showing much improvement with a meaty note over raspberry and cherry fruit, with some mushroomy nuances. Not exciting, but acceptable mature Burg. B/B+

1990 Camus Charmes-Chambertin
Initially a little too cold to taste. As it warmed, some light maderized notes appear. Rather thin for a 1990, without a lot of oomph. C

2002 Fourrier "Les Petit Vougeots" Vougeot 1er
Tied for red WOTN for me. Really nice, with a light ripe tannins and balanced acidity framing a pure red fruit core. Some power here, even though there's a lacy texture that is quite elegant. Hints of spice and mineral abound. A-

2003 Chevillon "Les Perrieres" Nuits St Georges

(actually my fight card says Les Cailles, but pretty sure this was Perrieres). Jammy, round - this shows more of the (weak spots of the) 2003 vintage than the strengths of Chevillon. Raspberry jam with a funny note of orange juice. C+

2003 Chevillon "Les Pruliers" Nuits St Georges
I like this better than the Perrieres,but still seems too ripe and low-acid for me. The redeeming feature is a real minerality that runs underneath the black fruit. Still, I'm not thrilled to find on Cellartracker that I have a couple coming. B-

2000 Nicolas Potel Echezeaux
I am however happy that I have a bottle or two of this in the cellar. Nice, open, with some gravitas yet light on its feet. Ripe but not overripe cherry fruit, a bit of earth with a funny (but not at all unpleasant) sandalwood aromas dancing around. B+/A-

1999 Guy Castagnier Clos-St.-Denis
I was glad this was poured late, it was tight and a little funky when opened. Could use time, but very nice for a well-priced Grand Cru. Some real depth and with nice purity of darker fruit, balanced acidity, strong finish with mineral and earth. A-

2001 La Tour Blanche (Sauternes)
This is just lovely Sauternes, the intense sweetness lightened and offset by a vibrant acidity that makes this wine dance. Lovely apricot and pineapple fruit, long long long finish. A-
Fun night with a good group! Thanks to Matt and Arv for your work.

Grade disclaimer: I'm a very easy grader, basically A is an excellent wine, B a good wine, C mediocre. Anything below C means I wouldn't drink at a party where it was only choice. Furthermore, I offer no promises of objectivity, accuracy, and certainly not of consistency.
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Re: WTN: Potel, Pommard, Pruliers, and plenty of pork!

Postby David M. Bueker » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:31 am

Re: 2003 Chevillon, I have had five of his wines so far from the '03 vintage and liked not a one. They are truly marked by the vintage and show a lack of balance for my taste. In fact the '03 Les Saint Georges was confused with the '03 Sea Smoke Ten at a tasting back in February.
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Re: WTN: Potel, Pommard, Pruliers, and plenty of pork!

Postby Dan Donahue » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:54 am

Nice line up. I wish I could find some Les Petite Vougeot, I've heard great things.

I'm dipping my toe back into the '03, there have been some good prices and some surprising showings. I haven't tried any Chevillons yet. My guess is that they'll need some serious bottle time to show their best (which may not be much).
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Re: WTN: Potel, Pommard, Pruliers, and plenty of pork!

Postby Dale Williams » Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:23 am

David, did the ones you tried include Vaucrains? That's the other one I have coming besides the Pruliers.

Dan, TCWC ($50) and Zachys($55) both have it. I will wait to see if Zachys does one of their periodic 18% sales.
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