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Re: WTN / WineAdvisor: Marilyn Merlot

Postby Peter May » Tue May 30, 2006 5:12 pm

Hoke wrote:Peter:

Saw your book prominently displayed on the new arrivals stack display in the main entry hall of the large Borders Bookstore in Santa Rosa, California this weekend.

Looks good. Looks good. Nice job.

Who's the be-hatted sophisticate looking dashing and continental in the back of the book?

Oh wow!!

I'd love to have seen that. Thanks for the report

(my wife asks 'is he saying he didn't buy it?')

The gennelman on the back flap is trying to look 'merican; he's wearing his Texan cowboy hat. And thats a grape vine in my back garden behind me that didn't get pruned because a bird built a nest in it.
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Re: WTN / WineAdvisor: Marilyn Merlot

Postby Hoke » Tue May 30, 2006 6:31 pm

(my wife asks 'is he saying he didn't buy it?')

Peter, your wife seems the practical and focused side of the relationship. So that would make you the romantic? :)

Tell her never fear. Contributions have been duly made to your soon-to-be-vast fortune and fame. You English fellas are making a dent in my diminishing personal budget, what with Jamie scoring a triumph with his book as well.
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Re: WTN / WineAdvisor: Marilyn Merlot

Postby Thomas » Tue May 30, 2006 6:50 pm

Peter May wrote:How do you feel it compares with Hugh Johnsons 'Story of Wine'?

I'd say Johnson's is more the "romantic" side of wine; mine is more the "practical business side" not that I don't throw in a little of the former.

As an aside: Last Sunday in the NYTimes book review the fellow who reviewed Johnson's present wine memoir book happens to be the food writer for New York Magazine. In his review of Johnson's book, he mentioned that the Rothschild's own Chateau Latour and that Chateau Figeac is a Burgundy producer. He should have stuck with just reviewing the writing.

I will be off to Barnes and Ignoble tomorrow to seek your book.
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