Tasting Rooms, Dundee

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Tasting Rooms, Dundee

Postby Jonathan Brown » Thu May 18, 2006 11:53 am

Just wondering of anyone else has found this yet. Great place, with good selection of wine (hand selected by the owner so not just the usual supermarket stuff). Also wondering if anyone could recommend a good wine there. The guys there are all very helpful but you do get the sense that they would recommend all the wines there to you (and, I guess, so they should if they've pciked them).
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Re: Tasting Rooms, Dundee

Postby Ian Sutton » Thu May 18, 2006 4:20 pm

No recommendations as I can't find a website, however if they serve by the glass, then pop in there at intervals and aim to taste something new. Try to make simple notes to start with
e.g Rubbish, where's the fruit - ignore
Pretty good, nice texture and it's quite complex, I'd drink this again
Interesting style, must try some others from here

I guess the point I'm trying to make is to follow your own palate rather than being told what's good and what's not. I can't answer that question for you (only you can do that), but we should be able to provide a few suggestions of well-made interesting wines.

It's great to see such venues around - in Italy they're almost as widespread as pubs are here!

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