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Re: Not on Bread Alone / Weeksend wine

Postby Z Spigelman » Thu Aug 08, 2013 6:57 pm

David Raccah wrote:Zvi - have you recently tasted the 2009 Bravdo Cab? The merlot and Coupage are holding up well, but the Cab was not showing well this past shabbos :( ... sauvignon/

The 2008 BR Cohn rocked!

Hi David.
I have always considered the Cab as their weakest wine until the 2011 vintage. A few weeks ago I opened a 2009 and it was fine (although nothing special) and I did not notice any change from the previous bottle.
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Re: Not on Bread Alone / Weeksend wine

Postby Alexander F » Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:21 pm

Craig Winchell wrote:
Four of five village Burgundies were clearly better than any Israeli and with one exception, any other Pinot in the tasting. The exception was Villa Maria NZ Pinot Noir from Cellar Selection series. IMO, it can be a reference for our local producers.

I cannot understand how NZ Pinot could be a reference for Israeli producers. NZ is one of the coldest climates in the world, and you state that Israel is just too hot. NZ is easily colder, on a typical basis, than Burgundy. That's why the wines tend to be thin and high acid, and the very successful ones have long hand times providing an abundance of flavor that typically is lacking except in the very best years. I would think CA would be the model, and not a very good one.

Craig, I cannot agree with your statement. My assumption was that NZ climate is softer and hotter than Burgundy. I made a quick check and it supports my assumption. NZ has more sunshine hours and much warmer winter and other seasons than Burgundy: ... imate.html ... y/weather/

I agree with you that NZ is perhaps not the best reference, as our Israeli climate is much hotter, in the summer in particular. CA is a better one, sure. But, unfortunately my experience with CA Pinot is close to none.
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