La Fenetre Merlot and the new kosher wine purveyors

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La Fenetre Merlot and the new kosher wine purveyors

Postby David Raccah » Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:54 am

It all started with Jonathan Hajdu and Rabbi Tenenbaum in 2007! A true trailblazer and a man who is as passionate and competent about and around scripture and law as he is around a crusher or de-stemmer! The rabbi makes some great wine called Cuvée Chabad. He is the Patriarch - for all those that have followed. Followed you say? Who you ask? Well, in 2012 Rabbi Resnick from Livermore. But in 2011 there was Rabbi Hiller from San Louis Obispo - who made a wine under the La Fenetre Winery label! A fine wine on its own. But the main storyline here - are the Rabbis and the fact they make the wine in most cases, and a clear nod to Rabbi Tenenbaum! The headmaster of the California Local Area Rabbis - and the new purveyors of artisanal kosher wines! ... her-wines/

2011 La Fenetre merlot - check it out!
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