Bonarda/Croatina - kosher wine from Italy!

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Bonarda/Croatina - kosher wine from Italy!

Postby David Raccah » Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:19 pm

This past shabbos I enjoyed a unique wine from the Lombardia wine region - so diffeent I had to post here. It is a wine that I have never had and one that I doubt has another kosher brother, but that is plain old speculation. The wine is called Bonarda – but as you can see from the page – that is like calling Chardonnay a white wine grape – sure it is – but it has many different names, depending on its region and manner of vinification. This particular Bonarda was grown in the Oltrepò Pavese Bonarda DOC, and was actually made from 100% Croatina, and produced in the larger Lombardia wine region. The wine region can be found in Italy’s northern central border. The wine was made in a frizette style and had some residual sugar (i.e. slightly off dry), but the shocker here was the dense tannin structure that did not relax for days later – this wine may not be on everyone’ to drink list – but WOW it was unique to say the least. The fruit was solid, the bubbles interesting, and the tannins gripping almost mouth drying in their intensity, with good earth and dirt – a very fun wine for me, maybe one day it will make its way here to the US.

The wine note:

2012 Fiamberti Oltrepò Pavese – Score: B++
To say this wine is fascinating is an understatement! It is slightly effervescent, and it is riddled with lovely blue notes, blueberry, dried cherry, raspberry, licorice, and good dirt. The mouth is shocking – I was ready for the bubbles, but I was not ready for the insanely gripping tannins, along with green notes, crazy mouth coating fruit, the experience is unique to say the least. There is residual sugar on this wine so be careful as this wine is a slightly off dry wine, the sweet notes do not dominate but are apparent. The finish has hints of coffee, along with dried and tanned leather, crazy tannin, spices, and more blueberry and rose. Unique – very unique! This wine was NOT beloved by all at the table – but a day later, without spending time in the fridge or with inert gas – this wine is still kicking – very interesting. Sadly this wine is not available here in the US< a friend of mine shlepped it from Italy.
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Re: Bonarda/Croatina - kosher wine from Italy!

Postby Bill Coleman » Wed Jul 03, 2013 4:26 am

It was interesting!
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