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Postby Craig Winchell » Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:54 pm

"Unfined, Unfiltered" can affect short-term mouthfeel. Wines feel thin after filtering, and maybe for a month or 2 afterwards. Filtering is done not too long before bottling, ususally, while fining can be done at any time during production. In the old days, when producers would hold bottles back until all of the bottle shock was out of them, and they were showing their best (usually around a year), there was no difference between the sensory qualities of filtered vs. unfined and/or unfiltered. Nowadays, with the reality of selling and shipping immediately after bottling, there probably is a competitive advantage to these less manipulated wines early on, while later the prospect of brett and haze and other problems can make such lack of processing seem stupid. I have always filtered, and sometimes fined my wines.
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