Learning the hard way

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Learning the hard way

Postby Elchonon Hellinger » Sun May 12, 2013 11:16 pm

Theres an oft repeated saying "ignorance is bliss" I have found that to be a great guide in my wine journey. I know almost nothing in textbook wines, and I want to keep it that way for the near future. Rather than feeling intimidated by the wine experts, I stand shoulder to shoulder and feel this is a great education.

Every one has different smells and different tastes, as the CEO of a cell phone business, I often forget why any on would want a phone other than the one im using ?

I love the hands on education, absolutely there is no more fun than tagging raccah, hotowitz or polterak at a tasting and no "oh theres too much / too little acid / tanin / oak yada yada yada" but more like "so why is this wine overloaded with pepers / earth / wood / stink like the city dumpster etc"

I have an active sense of imagination, a good wine conjures up like this singapore hotel skyline rooftop pool and you dive in.. ok not every wine is like that..but I feel that young wine novices can learn a lot by tasting and asking questions, comparing and practical tastes.

So heres a word of advice to the new wine drinkes, just speak your mind, and if the wine tastes like dirty laundry, its probably french
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