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Re: Eighth Day / WeeksEnd wine

Postby Moshe F » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:51 pm

Mazal Tov Harry!

This past week I opened the 2007 Recanati Sepcial Reserve Friday night. Felt a bit watery and light. nice dark plummy flavors but left me wanting and wishing for a longer finish. I let it sit until lunchtime but I could not get it to develop more. Could be I missed something about this bottle... Shabbos day we also had 2011 Shiloh Chardonnay and this was wonderful. Nose of a tropical fruit salad and tastes of crisp green apples and hints of peach. not the best thought when pairing with a fiery spicy cholent.
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Re: Eighth Day / WeeksEnd wine

Postby David Raccah » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:48 am

First of all Mazel Tov to Harry and to Stacy and to each of their respective families. Also, welcome to a few new posters here:

Danny S from London
Moshe F from Queens

Both are not new "members" but thanks for coming back and posting on Harry's weekly thread - we hope you will make it a thing every week.

My post - was well not as fun as my previous posts. The 2009 Dalton Zin was way too hot and too sweet. With time it calms and does show interesting things like roasted animal and good tart strawberry, but I was expecting more...

http://kosherwinemusings.com/2013/04/11 ... zinfandel/

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