WTN: Segal's CS 2009

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WTN: Segal's CS 2009

Postby Pinchas L » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:55 pm

At a wedding reception this week I was served this wine.

Segal Cabernet Sauvingon Special Reserve 2009 - On its own there was not much to ponder, but it served as a good condiment with the food, providing some spice and various shades of green notes, albeit the dominant overtones were vegetal. The fruit did not stand out and it lacked in body and texture. It is not overly extracted and the alcohol content is a reasonable 13.5%. Mevushal. I'm uncertain about the Dalton Canaan being in the same price range, but if it is then it is a much better option.C/na

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