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Re: Yarden Viogner Deal

Postby Craig Winchell » Thu May 24, 2012 12:31 pm

Some tasting notes from the main board about some recently tasted old Viogniers, by Tom Hill. The Alban especially sounds pretty nice, and more than just "interesting":

2. Qupe Viognier LosOlivosVnyd/SBC (12.5%) 1991: Med.gold/slight bronze color; slight pear/Viog light oxidized/
toasted hazelnuts/oldRhonish complex nose; tart light peach/pear/Viog some toasted hazelnuts/oldRhone/slight
oxidized complex flavor; very long light peach/Viog toasted hazelnuts/oldRhone complex finish; showing some
oxidation but still pleasurable & more bright/alive than the Marsanne.
4. Alban Viognier Estate/EdnaVlly/SLOCnty (TW) 1991: Med.gold color; bit reduced/stinky at first strong toasty/
charred/oak light peach/ripe/Viog slight nutty/oldRhone bit fresher/alive/Viog complex nose; rather tart strong
toasty/charred/oak rather caramel/honeyed/cajeta light peach/ripe/Viog fairly fresh complex flavor;very long
strong charred/toasty/Fr.oak light nutty/oldRhone slight caramel/honeyed/cajeta complex finish; still very much
alive & shows Viog fruit and only a trace of oxidation; a terrific old Calif Viog.
3. OldRhoneWhite vs. OrangeWines: The Viogniers/Marsanne were quite interesting wine w/ much oldRhoneWhite character
and showing varying degrees of oxidation. I thought them rather good and would go fine w/ food. However, they are not
the style of wines that everyone would like. My group is pretty open-minded on wines (lord knows they have to be...
considering the amount of weird stuff I throw at them), but for other folks where even a trace of oxidation is a
fatal flaw...these wines are not for them. It struck me as we tasted thru them how much they resemble "orange" wines
that are made in an oxidative style....interesting wines that show better w/ food...but just not to everyones taste.
So....even though I like these "interesting" wines...don't become a TomHill sheep...you'll likely be led astray.
If you want to be any kind of sheep...stick w/ the Monktown attourneys...safer, though more expensive.
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Re: Yarden Viogner Deal

Postby Pinchas L » Thu May 24, 2012 12:45 pm


Reading Tom's notes should make it apparent how large a gap still exists between the kosher offerings and the those of the world at large. And I say that based on the age of the Viognier, their intriguing descriptions, and the development these wines undergo over time.

-> Pinchas
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Re: Yarden Viogner Deal

Postby Craig Winchell » Thu May 24, 2012 1:19 pm

Although, good quality aged Viognier is not common in California either. But with the Yarden, I was looking at 2006/2007, not 1991. 2006/2007 is recent enough that the population of good-drinking Viognier in California (from then) is far larger than from 1991,though undoubtedly much smaller than from 2010/11, and I would have hoped that some from Israel was enjoyably drinkable as well.
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