New Kosher Trader Joe/Terrenal Varietals and Vintages

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New Kosher Trader Joe/Terrenal Varietals and Vintages

Postby David Raccah » Tue May 01, 2012 4:18 pm

Well, there have been a few winners and some losers with the Terrenal label. There are now two new Terrenal labels:

1) 2011 Terrenal Chilean Chardonnay
2) 2010 Terrenal Mendoza Malbec ... her-wines/

I really liked the unoaked Terrenal Chardonnay, while the Malbec was OK. These two wines are both flash pasteurized (mevushal). Finally remember, both of these wines come form the southern hemisphere, so they are a bit older than you normally think.

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