A nice afternoon with Eric Bouletin of Roucas Toumba in CPH.

Founded by the late Daniel Rogov, focusing primarily on wines that are either kosher or Israeli.

A nice afternoon with Eric Bouletin of Roucas Toumba in CPH.

Postby Birger Vejrum » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:19 am

Eric is a very sympatic guy, a farmer, humble as well. Eric was in Copenhagen to present his wines at the tasting I had with my friend. Roucas Toumba means "the fallen rock" and was the name of the Bouletin family house in documents datig from the 18 th century.

3 wines produced, no weed killers or chemical fertilizers, short pruning, debudding and green harvest to remain as close as possible to the potential of the vineyard.

Eric´s wines are sold in Denmark ;) USA, Belgium, Asia and France.

"Pichot Roucas" Vin de Pays de Mediteannee 2007 rouge. Syrah, Grenache and Carignan.

"Les Grands Chemins" Vin de Table de France 2007 rouge. Grenache, Carignan and 10 % Syrah. My favorite of the 3 wines.

"Les Restanques de Cabassoles" AOC Vacqueyras 2006 rouge. Grenaches Vieilles Viggnes ( 80 years old wineyard )Syrah, Mourvedre and 3% various white varietals.

Some photos:

Eric and his wines.

http://birger.fotoupload.dk/files/print ... ?fil=18737

My friend Gorm ( who speaks French ) and Eric.

http://birger.fotoupload.dk/files/print ... ?fil=18734

Eric and Danish clients.

http://birger.fotoupload.dk/files/print ... ?fil=18732

4500 bottles made first year, goal is 20.000 in total a year.

Look out for Eric´s wines, great QPR as well.

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