My Vintages Classics Collection-Sept.2008 haul...

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My Vintages Classics Collection-Sept.2008 haul...

Postby Michael Greenberg » Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:28 pm

As reported earlier in this Forum,I ordered 7 wines from the September CLASSICS offering by Vintages --I usually over-order knowing I won't get them all --but my usual ratio is about 70-85% --HOWEVER this time I only got 3/7 (42.85%) Forrest Gump said:" Life is like a box of chocolates--you never know what you are going to get" this time I'm more disappointed than usual.

WHAT I did get :

. MARGALIT ENIGMA 2006 (I expected less interest in Israeli premium wines so I felt confident I would get this)--especially with its $98 cdn price by Vintages.

. SEA SMOKE SOUTHING PINOT NOIR 2006 (The 1st vintage in 2001 was featured in the movie 'Sideways' and started the new popularity of Pinot Noir in America and the big demand for the Sea Smoke pinot noirs)..I had ordered the 2004 vintage of the SOUTHING a few years ago from Vintages and got it and it was terrific (I reportddon it in Rogov's prior Forum at the okd website) so at this opportunity I tried again --somehow I got it again...

.CHATEAU LAFAURIE -PEYRAGUEY 2003 1er Cru ---Suckiling gave this a 97 score--so at least i got 1 "great" wine out of this order..

MISSES: (the 4 I did not get):


So I stuck out on the Italians this time and missed out on the other Pinot Noir from Sea Smoke...

C'est La Vie!

I hope my ratio goes back up next time. you never know how Vintages divies these order up and what you will get.. so far in all the times I have used the Classics catalogue,only once did i get everything I ordered...It is like they entice you with the descriptions,you order,then prepare for disappointment when somebody else got what you found desireable. Like gettin g a slap in the face..but we keep on trying and are grateful for any gems that do end up in our cellar and on our tables.
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Re: My Vintages Classics Collection-Sept.2008 haul...

Postby Daniel Rogov » Tue Sep 23, 2008 5:08 pm

Sounds more like a casino than a wine shop. Whatever, enjoy those wines that you did receive.

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Re: My Vintages Classics Collection-Sept.2008 haul...

Postby Norm N » Wed Sep 24, 2008 3:36 pm

Daniel Rogov wrote:Sounds more like a casino than a wine shop.

That's our government-run retail wine monopoly for you!
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