WTN 2002 Rosenblum "Chateau La Paws" Mourvedre

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WTN 2002 Rosenblum "Chateau La Paws" Mourvedre

Postby Ernie in Berkeley » Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:42 pm

Brown rim, madierized nose, oxydized flavor. Ick. This was a short-lived attempt by Rosenblum at a line of inexpensive varietals, and after one year they dropped the idea and returned Chateau La Paws to a more generic Rhone blend (which isn't bad, actually)

Once again, I pulled out the pH meter, and this clocked in at 4.3, not much different from the very pleasant '01 mainline Rosenblum described downforum. Why this one died and the other lives on is a mystery--they were both bought at the winery and stored side-by-side in a moderate-temperature basement.
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