WTN: Two from Valmiñor

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WTN: Two from Valmiñor

Postby Otto » Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:56 pm

Tonight with some chunks of raw fish wrapped in seaweed and rice, we opened a couple from *Valmiñor from Rías Baixas - a straight Albariño 2006 and the blend of Albariño, Loureiro and Treixadura, Davila 2006 I don't always see eye to eye with my boss when it comes to our preferences in wines, but I think his decision to import Valmiñor was very nice. The straight Albariño (decent qpr at even Alko's prices! c.17€) is a peachy, ripe, full-on style; the blend is more mineral and elegant, even slightly tight and steely (ok qpr @20€). It is very silly, however, that when I want to drink wines that we import, I have to buy them from our monopoly with outrageous markups instead of straight from us!
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Re: WTN: Two from Valmiñor

Postby Rahsaan » Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:40 pm

Otto Nieminen wrote:The straight Albariño (decent qpr at even Alko's prices! c.17€)

Wow. I see what you mean about Alko's prices. I just bought the 07 for $12.50 which is almost half the price of 17euros.
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