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Because we receive hundreds of wine questions daily, we must ask your cooperation. Before you ask a question by E-mail, please read our "Frequently Asked Questions" and make certain that you can't find the answer on Wine Lovers' Page.

Please note, also, that we have no way to tell you where to buy specific wines; and we are not able to offer appraisals for old or "collectible" wines.

Finally, for a possibly quicker reply, we invite you to post your question as a public message on our friendly, interactive Wine Lovers' Discussion Group.

Wine Questionary
Much like a traditional encyclopedia but hyperlinked and interactive, The Wine Questionary makes it easy for you to browse through the most frequently asked wine questions (not to mention some more uncommon but intriguing topics) and find just the information you seek.

Ask a Wine Question
In a feature that I believe to be unique among wine-appreciation sites on the Web, I am happy to try to give personal answers to wine-related questions. If you can't find your answer in our Wine Questionary or through our Search Engine, you're welcome to ask a wine question, I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours. Questions of general interest, and their answers, may be posted in these pages unless questioners request otherwise. Also, if you have a question of general interest, you may want to post it on the Wine Lovers' Discussion Group, where other participating wine hobbyists may join in with replies.

Wine Lovers' Discussion Group
The first interactive wine discussion group on the Web, the Wine Lovers' Discussion Group is still the biggest and best.

You'll find a large and friendly community of wine lovers from around the world sharing civil and intelligent wine talk on these interactive message boards and periodic chat sessions.

You don't have to be an expert or a connoisseur to take part -- we welcome wine beginners warmly and enjoy answering even basic questions -- so please join in, and tell us a little about yourself under the topic "Who Am I."